India based Call Centres

Do you guys / ladies get inundated with unsolicited calls from centres in India? The calls are mainly from Telco companies.

They are relentless and won’t stop calling even if you tell them not to.

We get our share here and they are annoying, especially when they call the shop during trading hours.

When they call out of trading hours I ask them how many pizzas they want and if they want them delivered. I say it takes about 4 days to get them to them in Mumbai (where the majority of call centres are based) so they may be better coming in to pick up. Funny how quickly they get off the line then. Since doing this the calls have reduced to a trickle.

Other times I just ask them to curser over my details and when they say “yes, I have done that” I then say now hit the delete button.

I know these people ae just trying to make a living but it it the multi-national companies who are driving it and they have become very intrusive.

In Australia we now have a government “no calling” data base you can get on to stop these calls where the companies can get massive fines if they call you when you are on the list, providing it is an Australian company that is doing it.

Just had to have a bitch as I got one too many yesterday.