Indies doing 20K plus in your area????

How many indies in your area do you think do $20,000/wk+ …carry-out and delivery operation …???

I know of about 3 in wash d.c. area…

Big Sal

I know la nova in buffalo does 100k a week. Anybody even close to them?

5.2 mil a year?!

Is that the same La Nova of “Joey the Wing King”? Those numbers wouldn’t suprise me.

Actually, he’s listed at $8 mil between 2 locations.

That’s my goal

I would definately need a bigger register. :lol:

No one in my area is doing that much. Not even the big guys.


I’ll bet that includes all the wing orders he ships.

100k a week is something alright…I can tell you that even if I worked 7 days a week for years it is highly unlikely I could do 100K a week…

that also includes their wing sales they ship out of there …and local slice vendors who they supply…etc…

I was actually asking my question based on a 1500 sq ft or so…carry-out and delivery operation similar to Dominos etc…

La Nova is clearly in a different league…and hats off to them…

Big SAl