Inflation Coming? Menu Pricing

Has anyone started working on menu pricing with the minimum wage hike possible? We’ve typically just kept things level with others in our area for the most part. Sometimes we raise prices first, sometimes were second or third. Over the last year we’ve had a few price increases and don’t want people thinking were just raising prices to raise them. Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated

I have already started. I’m normally last to raise prices, but sin e we’re the local independent, we get hammered pretty hard when I do. I just suck it up, raise prices and post on that protein prices are skyrocketing and will likely post that labor cost are following suit.

I guess the first thing well probably do is raise coupon prices to ease into it

I put in a plan to raise prices once a year starting back in 2014 when our state passed the $15 an hour minimum wage law. We do all pizzas plus $1 one year, and all other items plus $1 the next year. I have it set to raise pizza prices this October but with the wing prices going crazy we may have to do a double whammy and raise them too.

We did raise our coupon prices a few months ago and just hit the rest of the menu a couple weeks ago. Some people groan but I am not gonna just absorb rising costs. Most customers don’t even really notice though if I am being honest.

I raise prices when I need to. I get very few complaints. When somone ask me why I raised my prices. I tell them I choose to buy quality ingredients, instead of cheap ingredients, and my employees deserve more than minimum wage.

I think it depends on where you are. We are in San Francisco and usually have min wage increases every 6mos-1yr. Sometimes we are .50 c more than other places and sometimes we are under. If people complain about prices we literally have to remind them of the cost of doing business in the most expensive city to do so… It’s currently $16.07 and set to go to $16.32 on july 1, 2021 but crossing fingers that gets delayed (sounds horrible to say, but…)