Info on: Sun Dried Tomatoes

Hey all,

Just got the new Pizza Today, today, right? Yeah.
And noticed the pie on the front cover has Sun Dried Tomatoes on it. And because I’m working on the revamping of the menu right now, I wanted to know, does anyone use sun dried tomatoes? And if so, how do they come, what is the shelf life, and how is the cost?

Thanks all!

We use sundried tomatoes, which come to me in a 5 lb. case (vacuum-sealed). The shelf life on them is fantastic - honestly I couldn’t put a real number to it, as we always run through the case before shelf life even becomes an issue…

I am currently paying $3.52/lb.

We always put the sundried tomatoes on under the cheese (spinach too…I saw you had a thread about spinach…), so they don’t scorch.

We use sundried on a few different pizzas - about 7 or 8 in all. Like Mrkona we put them under the cheese on lightly topped pizzas and on the bottom after the cheese on more densely topped ones. We use them on vegetarian through to gourmet. They keep really well and taste fantastic, but beware they can burn / scorch easily if not fully covered.


I agree with what the others say. I do pay more (4.34/lb.) through Roma. Very popular topping. Marinating seems to help the scorching issue some but it still helps to cover them. Too bad though. They look great on top.