informal poll

What percentage of your dbase orders evry 30 days?

Not enough. lol

No seriously, I’m not sure how I can figure that one out with my system. I am able to run 30/60/90 reports but I haven’t figured out how to get total number of customers from the database.

Mine: between 29% - 31%


Not very many, as my system sets up a new record for each phone #, and doesn’t cross reference addresses. Being in a college town, any given student apartment may have ordered from 5 or more different phone #'s in the last year. This makes lazy customer mailings pointless in my town, as I likely will be marketing to the same address that ordered last week, just under a different phone #.

I’m in the same situation here is Bloomington, IN.

However, the guy at my mailing house set up a program which takes my 30/60/90 lists and purges the duplicate addresses and those also in our active-customer list. In this way, we only mail once to those truly inactive.

Don’t skip doing your 30/60/90’s!

Probably upwards of 50%, but I don’t have exact figures. If they live in town, and don’t move away, they order at least once a month. We have dead weight in the listing due to a transient neighborhood, but 50% to 60% is pretty close.

I am at just about 30% myself.