information on my CTX DZ 3311

HI , I have a used ctx dz 3311. I need to know if anyone knows where I can get a wiring diagram? I have been looking on line and you have to be an autherized service tech. I called a service company and the guy didnt have a clue what he was doing.
I need to know which zone is zone one, I think it is top left but I an not sure. I am getting and error mess. as soon as I turn on the bottom oven of heat overload shutdown. does anyone know what the problem is??? If you can help please answer this. thank you nunzios64

replied in other post…yes, zone 1 s/b top left…call MM & see if they recommend a svc tech in your area…the “calrod” type element that runs thru the plate heats & contracts and chances are it is shorting out…don’t know where you are located, but tech who work on Red Lobster/style equip or cruise ships might have experience in this oven repair…I have some manuals, but an experienced tech is needed…someone who is electric savvy