Information required to do an equipment plan

Hi Guys

Several operators have been requesting equipment lay outs . We need more information than just the sq feet of building available.

We need if you are requesting a lay out.

A sketch of your sight with dimensions. Locate any existing restrooms show where gas and electrical service enters the building. If there is an existing water heater and janitor sink show that. Indicate if the roof is flat or pitched.

Indicate height to drop ceiling. If you prefer any particular equipment such as ovens please indicate make and model. If you will be using any existing equipment please specify make and models or dimensions.

What electrical voltages will you have available? Will you Make your own dough?

We will need your menu and if you have a preferred number of seats if dine in.

With the above information we can prepare a floor plan, list the equipment and give you a price for the items proposed.

We do not charge for the service.

George Mills

Do you need a full menu or just basic catergories and how we plan to prepare them?

Hi Masit:

A full menu is best but categories and proposed method of processing can work.