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So was think would this work for online ordering? I already get an email when an order comes in but was hoping to get it to print straight to my printer!
I am pretty sure this will work

I use Google’s Cloud Print a lot, and it’s nowhere near reliable enough that I would trust it printing online orders. I’d say it doesn’t print for me about 20% of the time, or the job gets stuck somewhere until I restart Chrome. I’m fairly certain it’s still in beta as well.

I think I am leaning towards this
I am pretty sure this will work
it looks to me if I am right it will print a pdf if it is EMAILED to me. I will say that we do have a fail safe involved. We have an alert set up in the kitchen.


If you go that eprint route definately get a laserjet. The inkjet/officejet will eat you up in cost for ink. Ink also doesn’t store well long term and it’s not worth the hassle to try the refill kits or generic off brand ink; just more money down the tube.
Toner for the laser jet will store better and longer; it will not try out in your printer and get clogged up. A good laser jet will run forever and if you keep regular maintenance kits in them will run longer than that. Cost per page is also cheaper than inkjets. The laserjet models are on … nters.html