INGRID Insulated Delivery Bags

Has any used INGRID Insulated delivery bags, made in USA.

I am looking at getting some from the states as they are so much cheaper than anything I can find in Australia, even allowing for freight and the exchange rate (we are now almost 90 US cents to our AU$ :smiley: )

They claim they are better quality than any other similar type bag.

Pros and cons of these from anyone who has used them.


Great bag. I have been using them for 10+ years. They are a little more difficult to clean but the heat retention is excellent.

Only bag I will use. Have been using them well over 10 years as well. If you go with the black bags, the soiled area’s don’t show as much. I am in the process now of getting my logo embroidered on them.

Thanks guys. That’s all I needed to know.

We can get the bags that take 18" (our Jumbo size) for AU$40 landed in my store in Australia. To buy the equivalent size bag here would cost me $90. Gee we get ripped off here, especially when half the stuff comes in from China and is so cheap now our $ is just below parity with the Greenback.

I will now be placing my order today - the black colour is fine as it is our main colour in our image.


Yes I have them here in Perth Western Australia. $85.00 each (inc GST) plus Freight. I will deliver them free if you buy over 6 in the Perth Area.

They are a good Bag.

They were made in the States but I believe they were looking at getting them made outside the states because the costs.

How many do you want?

First Choice Food Solutions.
Western Australia
0413 902 391

People that have the Bags are Ricardos, Esperance.
Chelsea Pizza Nedlands, and a few other places that on the East Coast

Thanks Steve, but I just bought some on E-bay for AU$165 for 10 (18") plus AU$200 freight to my store = $365 for 10 @$36.50 each. Also bought a pack of 10, 14/16" for AU$31 each. Probably more than what I needed right now but at that price I couldn’t resist.

These are brand new direct from the manufacturer, still made in the States.


they must be good bags, I went to Ingrid’s web site…
I need a bag for my 20" pizzas…
anybody got a lead on them,

If Ingrid doesn’t have one for a 20, these should do. I use them, and they’re good.

Dave when you order from US to Australia are there any brokerage fees when the packages arrive?..When I get UPS packages from the US, UPS charges a fee to collect taxes and duties…If the package is worth over C$40.00 for duty the fee is C$19.45 and escalates quickly from there…

No brokerage fees here, but I might get slugged an import tax equivalent to our 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST) but not sure. Even if I get a 50% duty I will still be miles ahead of buying them here.

I got 10 x 18" (20" outer measure) and 10 x 16" for a total of AU$703 including freight which averages at AU$35.15 each :lol:


It looks like you’ve already made your decision, but I want to share my mixed feelings about Ingrid bags. I bought two sizes: the 18 inch bag for carrying single pizzas or two 12 inch pizzas. And the 20 inch bags for carrying up to four 14" pizzas.

I have to say that the big bags are great. They are made of sturdy cordura and hold up well. The smaller bags are flimsy and light-weight. However, the biggest issue with the smaller bags is that the lining is very thin and shreds easily. In six months, about half of the 10 that I bought have shredded linings. I just wish they used the same materials in the smaller bags as they do for the bigger ones.

Thanks for the heads up on that.

We have bought the 20" for 2 x 18" or 3 x 16"and the 18" for 2 x 16" and 4 x 14" which apparently are the same make specifications (so says their website), so hopefully we will get a good run as per your big bags.

Will be interesting to see how they go. If not another case of “Fools Tax”.


After tonight I don’t know why I bothered to order the bags.

We recently lost a driver to the mining boom ($39.50 p/h with no skills), earing $6,600 per two week shift (14 days @ 12 hrs), and he is only 19 !!

His shifts were Mon, Tues and Thurs. One driver picked up Monday but we haven’t been able to cover Tues or Thurs so either my trainee manager or myself do the deliveries.

Tonight my manager phoned in sick so we were down to trainee as driver, me on the makebench and two junior girls helping paste and cheese, and get pizzas off the conveyor.

Had so many deliveries that we had to shut them down as we would be there to all hours.

One lady customer got really p1ssed when phone girl told her at 8.45pm that we couldn’t do any more deliveries due to the backlog we had waiting for delivery (we close at 9.30pm). Gave her the third degree asking why can’t we deliver. Why haven’t you got enough drivers on roster. If you delivered the rest of the night why not now. Apparently she went on and on, despite the phone girls best efforts to explain the situation. She just didn’t want to listen. I just hope she ordered a Domino’s delivery and choked on it.

Six weeks ago we were set with 6 drivers with all shifts covered until some low life “indigenous australian natives” stole a drivers car while he was delivering and then wrote it off = 1 less driver. Then 2 weeks ago the next driver left for the mining boom big wages. Now only 4 drivers and they are restricted to what nights they can work.

At this very moment I’m feel like I’m just about ready to stop deliveries and only do dine in and pick up. The lack of people wanting to take up drivers jobs is mind bending. We have advertisied, have banners in the window, done box toppers, etc but not one reply or any interest.

Why, oh why did I buy these bags ???


I have never had any of my Ingrid bags tear. I replace them mainly because we get them so dirty. That is also why I have switched to the black bags, as I mentioned above.
PizzaFanatic - maybe you should contact Ingrid and see if they will help you out with the shred problem?
WA Dave - bummer to hear about your staffing problems…that is always a pain in the arse. Too bad you can’t order employees form Ingrid!
Sammy B.

:smiley: :lol:

I am in the same boat as you and i think it is taking on water. This week all of my drivers urgently (and all with valid reasons) had to be somewhere else and I am running a promotion with the fire fighters to promote fire prevention week.


Great we can have the same whinge at each other. :cry:

I am anticipating losing another driver and without any light at the end of the tunnel (getting new drivers) I am seriously considering deleting deliveries.

The ongoing hassle on getting drivers and then getting them to stay, whinges from customers who can’t accept 45 - 60 minute deliveries at peak times (can’t understand why they can’t get it in 25 minutes !), and the general sleepless nights trying to work out how we are going to cope is getting to be energy zapping.

We have cut down our delivery area again (which has upset some customers), given free offers to pick up instead of delivering plus other things, but the haedache still remains.

Luckily deliveries are only 25% of my business and the times when we haven’t had any drivers available 90% of people will come and pick up. Theoretically if we stopped deliveries we may only lose 5 - 10% of our total business and this would equate to the wages being paid out to drivers so overall it may work out OK for us.

Also every pizza shop is in the same scenario, even Domino’s, PH and Eagle Boy’s, so deliveries will not be easy to get for anyone, anywhere.

Again, should we get a sudden influx of drivers all will be well and deliveries will continue until the next saga. :smiley: I’m not holding my breath as yesterday it was reported that the unemployment rate in Australia is at a 33 year all time low. In Western Australia our unemployment is now at a staggering 3% and the only ones unemployed are the ones who don’t want to be employed. :roll:

I may even appproach our Federal Govt and get Carbon Trade Off subsidies for stopping deliveries which means less petrol used = less carbon deposits in the atmosphere ( may make some extra cash on the side) 8)

I think I hear the “small bus” coming … I’ll get them to pick you up on the way round :lol:


Maybe I should sell out and come be your driver,LOL

Received our delivery today - 8 days from order to receival USA to Australia … not too bad a service if you ask me.

Used the new bags tonight and they are absolutely the best. Funny thing is they have no steam holes but the boxes stay as dry as when you first put them in and they stay really hot.

The drivers commented on how good they were and how hot the pizzas stayed, plus presentation to the customer is first class, just as they would be picking up straight out of the oven.

Had a look at the quality of both sizes and I can’t see any difference in quality … both are top shelf. Pizzafanatic, you may just have got a bad bunch?

Anyway I’m really impressed with them and even after one night I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

(After all that I wonder if I will get commission on any future sales :lol: )

Thanks again for the comments.


I called Ingrid’s today about my small bags. I found out that I bought a close-out model. They have a better bag with the same dimensions and heavier material. So, I recommend that if anyone buys Ingrid bags, make sure they’re getting the heavier duty versions.