Input for Article: Take-out bags in pizzerias

Hey, hey,

I’m a writer for PMQ, and I just started working on an article on take-out bags for pizzerias. I’m doing some research on the options and decisions involved in ordering take-out bags - the pros, cons, what works best etc…

I’d like to get some input from pizzeria operators who currently use or used to use take-out bags of any kind. If you wouldn’t mind giving some input, just reply to this post or email me at with some contact info.


Are you asking about take out bags pizzerias use to package the customers food? Or are you talking about the reusable take out bags that are given to customers so their food stays extra hot?

I was wanting to focus on take out bags used to package customers’ food, such as side items. But I also was thinking about doing a section on reusable take out bags that pizzeria’s use, reusable bags just for carrying items or for keeping food items hot.

So, both. Sorry for the confusion.

Still confused…
Are we discussing brown #12 paper bags vs. plastic t-shirt bags? Or thermal delivery bags? Or those fabric grocery bags?
Is this a review of the "green"ness of our packaging? That would be a helpful discussion…a review of styro vs corrugated, paper vs plastic, etc. What are their lives in the landfill, what do leading experts suggest, how do we encourage the customer to recycle, does the new “green” pizza box make sense, or is it just a gimmick. Is there a stigma in using recycled materials to package food? Does the customer even care, or do they just want their pizza?

Or is this a review of procedures? For instance, I send wings on foil, in a 8x8 styro, in a #12 bag. foil helps keep it hot, but does someone do something else to help maintain temp? Too much packaging? I put the ranch for dipping in the same bag, and its temp goes up as well…not ideal! what do others do?

In a moment of stupidity I ordered a large quantity of take out bags from “” . I ended up throwing them out. Absolute garbage. Don’t do it!

To Napoli Pizza:
The article will be a review on takeout bag options available to pizzerias. So, the discussion will center around bag types, such as plastic t-shirt bags, tote-style bags, wave bags etc.; what to consider when choosing and purchasing a takeout bag, such as lead times, art fees, distribution fees etc.; and also a discussion on the “greenness” of different bags - paper vs. plastic, recycled material vs. non-recycled material, reusable bags and what really counts when going green.

So this article is not geared toward the plain paper bags or fabric bags or the containers and procedures used to actually package to-go items - although that sounds like a great article idea!

I hope that cleared things up. Thanks for your input already, and I’d love to hear from you if you have any more input on takeout bags what your pizzeria opts with.

Boatnut, that sounds like a bad experience! What went so terribly with the YourBagLady takeout bag order?

Didn’t Steveo922 have a terrible experience with too? I should do a search… I remember a discussion about this from a few months ago…

Boatnut, I’m sure this is still a very touchy subject, but I do have to say…

I STILL get shocked by the response that you got from that company! :shock:



Thanks, mrkona for the backround info link. Had to read it twice, amazin’ stuff :roll: