Input for PMQ article - Breakfast Pizza

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I’m a writer at PMQ and just started working on a piece about breakfast pizzas. And I am wanting to talk to a pizzeria who serves or has tried serving breakfast pizzas. I’m basically just wanting to find out how well breakfast pizzas do at pizzerias, what goes into adding breakfast pizzas at a pizzeria, the pros and cons etc.

If anyone has any input on breakfast pizzas, I’d love to hear from them. Just reply to this post or shoot me an email at with some contact info.


We serve a breakfast pizza. Heres what we do:

For 12" 1 egg, 14" 2 eggs, 16" 3 eggs
Whisk eggs in a mixing bowl
Add green peppers, onions, chopped tomatoes, canadian bacon (small pieces), cheddar and mozzarella cheese
Mix very well until its fully incorporated and all toppings are coated with egg
Then spread evenly onto a double dough crust (must have a hand rolled edge, or a raised edge so egg doesnt run off).
Put some Italian sausage and bacon on top
Bake until the egg is fully cooked and formed (not runny) <-- very important
Serve with a side of hot sauce for dipping.

Tastes AMAZING, 1 of the best tasting pizzas. So many flavors, its like a party in your mouth

Takes too long to make, very labor intensive.
Most expensive pizza on our menu.

We tried it in our slice location for a couple of winters. Our location was at the base of a ski area so we had a lot of foot traffic with people heading to the slopes.

Our method was a lot like the one described above:

16" pizza skin prepared as usual
mix 3 eggs, about two ounces of diced onions and 8 ounces of diced mozz. (fully scambled together)
Use about 6 ounces of regular pizza sauce on the skin leaving about 1/2" clean around the edge.
Spread egg/cheese mix on top to the edge of the sauce.
Put toppings on top.
Lightly sprinkle with cheese (maybe an ounce on the whole top)
Topping combos that were popular:
Mushrooms/Green Peppers/Black Olives

Bake as usual.

We did OK with it, but getting pizza crew to work a breakfast shift… well that is another story.

Hi Natalie,
We have been serving Breakfast pizzas for about 5 years now. We are close to an office park and sell a decent amount weekly. For our 16" pizza we butter the dough top with 12 oz. mozz. cheese, scramble 5 eggs on grill put on top of cheese, top with chopped bacon and sausage. Serve with hot sauce on side.
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I’ve been thinking about it for 2 years now, but the primary problem is just as bodegahwy mentioned: staffing!!!

The other major issue is: ingredient misalignment!!! ie, eggs and breakfast supplies that are only used during that small time-period versus other ingredients that are aligned to be used all day, everyday on multiple products.

Whats in a breakfast pizza that you don’t already have on hand?

I want to openat 7 am to start selling. Im rt in an office park too. how are your sales? thanks

We’ve been selling breakfast pizzas for over 20 yrs. We mix eggs and a monterey jack-cheddar blend together and spread it on crust. We top it with choice of bacon. sausage, ham, or veggies. We brush butter on crust after it’s done. We sell by the slice and special orders. This spring we did several orders of 35-50 pizzas. We open at 6:00am and serve breakfast sandwiches so it’s easy to make pizzas since we have all the ingredients.