Inside advertising question

Just wondering how many of you are using a flat screen tv and power point
to do some inside advertising? I dont think it would be hard to set something
up you could advertise specials or upcoming events etc.

I don’t know how I missed this. I have a 38" flatscreen that I have a dvd with a presentation running. I have a variety of different photos with humorous captions as well as descriptions and photos of various menu items. The loop repeats about every 4 minutes. I have had quite a number of customers comment on the photography (all done by me as a hobby) as well as saying they want to try one of the menu items on their next order.

I have a 42 inch that I use as a menu board, it runs some of our commercials when no one is standing there looking at it. Have it set up exactly as you describe with Powerpoint. When someone walks up to the counter we hit a key on the laptop and it switches from commercials to the menu.

Works great and is super easy to change prices compared with other menu board options. I bought the TV and laptop used on Craigslist for about $550 total. One of my best purchases recently.

So you do this with a laptop? I was thinking of using one of the flat screen slideshow units that will cycle through slides but is stand alone unit. Anybody doing this?

Look for a TV that play content from a USB stick…