Installed a double stack of Edge 60 ovens today.

They are better than I had imagined. I cut my cook time down by at least a minute and the noise and heat in the kitchen are significantly reduced.

I want to thank George Mills for all the assistance and advice. If you are in the market for new equipment give George a shout.

I am a happy, old, fat, and bald pizza guy tonight.

What cook and temp are you running?

I am cooking in solid pans. The time is set to 8:45 and temp at 475.

The main thing I noticed with theses ovens as far as operation is there is no temperature fluctuation. My old oven had as much as 12 degrees difference while operating. The temperature would drop 6 degrees below the setting before the burner fired. The burner would fire until it was 6 degrees above the setting. Then the whole process would start again.

Where is the oven porn??

We gotta have pics

Jokergerm, here’s an old pic to tide you over till Daddio posts his: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=13460&p=82999&hilit=edge+ovens#p82999

Here they are:

Very nice…

Ive been thinking about the edge ovens and I would most likely buy them if they made a 40" belt

I run MMPS360WB in my high volume store and I just love the wide belt, week nights we can run just the top oven and weekends we need both, we can do a 1k hour per deck just about.

but my ovens are old and tired and kinda ugly, and I know them like the back of my hand, when they break I can figure it out in about 10 minutes and I keep 1 of every part in stock that can break. blowers, gas valves, speed controllers, conveyer drive motors, etc etc

if edge makes a 40" belt some day or would custom build me one I would highly consider it

I see you are cooking in a solid pan which I think is what we use, American metal craft HD pans. We run 495 for 7:30 in the WB I see your running quite a bit slower?

I tried faster at a higher temperature but didn’t like the flavor it produced. The pizza was cooked but just didn’t have the taste. I have heard over and over that time cooks and temperature darkens.

I was meaning to ask you back when you installed these ovens. How did you manage the re-tiling of the floor under the oven? We plan on putting in a new floor a 2 of our locations next year but I’m puzzled on how to tile under the ovens without any down time and without breaking the new tiles?