Installing a Wood Fired Oven in FL?

Am looking to see if anyone has experience with having a wood fired oven installed in Florida. I am in the planning stages for a place using one. I have a contractor friend who can build a custom unit into a possible location. As these seem like rarely used oven types,I’m not sure how our zoning/health department will react to these. Has anyone had any experience with getting a custom unit accepted? Any pitfalls or trips and tricks to getting this done?

Keep in mkind that different cities/counties will have different codes, the only correct answer you’re going to get is from your city codes department. They can give you all of the particulars needed for your oven too, be it a one-on custom built job, or a commercially built one. Listen to the voice of experience, be sure to get it in writing with a date and signature line filled out.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


I was wondering how custom jobs get by with out being UL certified.

It is my understanding that the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) seal is a great thing to have, and may help to market your product, but unless required by a specific code, isn’t necessary. Also, some ovens operate so hot that they cannot get the UL seal. I’m thinking, if I remember right, that the UL seal is only available for ovens operating at less than 700F. I might be wrong on the temperature, but this might be why the wood burning ovens don’t have the seal.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Again, many thanks Tom.

That would make sense as these babies makes some serious heat.

Hi brokerjack:

I suggest you also check with the Health Department as regards NSF certification.

George Mills

I’ve seen WFO in Orange county, FL

You are correct There are wood burning ovens available that are UL and NSF approved.

George Mills

I have seen those. But how do custom ones get passed?

Please define custom. Usually the oven itself is certified and the facade around it is custom. Often brick or stone. I would suggest you contact the three agencies that have the jurisdiction. The building department, who will have to approve the ventilation system you intend to use. The health department who will want to know if the oven it self is NSF approved and they may have some questions as to the material to be used for the facade. The fire Marshall, as he may require a fire suppression system be installed.

George Mills

Thanks George.

Am working on trying to contact all of the above.

In doing research, I found some places (not in FL) where the ovens were fully custom built. These were not the kits or such that then had the facade built around. But ovens that were built from scratch. Brick by brick so to speak.

As WFO dont seem to be more popular up North and on the west coast (WA, OR, CA) I’m having a harder time getting info here in FL.

Again, I appreciate everyone’s time and responses.