Installing Edge Ovens. Any advise before hand?

We are adding 2 Edge 40 ovens next to our current 2 Blodgett ovens (keeping those also).
Wanted to know if any special advise from current users?
We sell 1" deep pan pizza. Would perforated pans be a must? We have solid one’s at moment.
What else do you cook through them that would be convenient (wings, other sides)?
thank you as always

perforated not a must…we use 1" pans also and have had great results with our doublestack edge60wb…you must have alot of room to keep your decks too…we run our wings through to parcook but we fry to order so our pizza ovens are primarily just pizza since we have an entire grill line…you will love them

we just installed an Edge overtop of our Lincoln a couple of week ago — love it.
We had to do (we did?) re-plumbing of the gas lines to make sure the fryers and ovens were getting enough pressure.
We also cook in solid pans, you may have to adjust the top fingers to get the cook you want.

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