Instant Burger

Anyone ever used the Instant Burger Machine?

not a “great” system…produces a “grey” not “brown” small patty…(had one sold it)…I prefer a Sielsa hi-speed contact grill…u might find one on ebay…220V & cooks alot 'o stuff

I saw a demo of one once!!! It is pretty incredible, if I remember correctly it actually electrocutes the meat! I have to agree with Patriot about the look of the burger though. I however do have one of their pressure smokers and it is incredible! Good luck!

Hi Pizza Maybe:

If you have an air impingement oven like the XLT you can produce a very good hamburger.

Just put the patty in a pan and run it through the oven. See what your results are. It May take a bit of experimenting.

George Mills

I tried to find info on a “Sielsa” search but got nothing on google or ebay.

PizzaMgood - what are the items you cook or heat up in the smoker? I liked the looks of the ribs coming from that little guy on some websites I found.

I have cooked up brisket, pork butts, and pork ribs so far and they all turned out just incredible! To have almost falling off the bone ribs with a true smoke ring in 45 minutes is just awesome. I am not quite open yet so I am hooking it up to my dryer outlet and using a radiator hose to get the smoke outside! I will wind up undercooking my ribs by about five minutes, wrap them tight with plastic wrap, and the sauce them to order, and then run them through my MM 670’s or finish them on my chargrill. I will let you know how they turn out, but so far so good and I can’t imagine them getting anything but better!

I, too, used their pressure smoker…not sure if your exhaust system will pass codes tho…it might fit up under the conveyor stack tho…might even be able to use the same elec plug…

has a tendency to over-cook ribs…never like the hanging spoke thing (too short) & didn’t like cutting ribs 2 fit in the baskets…

I jimmy-rigged an Alto-Shaam slow cooker to use a smoke-pistol - great results…

the silesa grill is hard to come by…keep looking…


Looking into it, I agree, the contact grills would be the way to go for certain. I’m not into grey burgers, dont expect my customers would be either. I actually visited a supplier this evening that had both the Instant Burger deal and some good contact appliances. I didnt cook with it, but the Instant Burger thing seemed very flimsy. It just sounds more like a carnival concession appliance compared to a high quality contact grill.

Another question, I forgot to ask the salesman… would these double platen contact grills need to be under a hood or no?

bought one tried it couple of times put it on ebay asap sold it my opinion it sucked :frowning: they should have called it nasty burger we dont cook alot of burgers bought the biggest george foreman totally happy some cust. say not greasy enough but makes a good burger.

I am actually positive that my smoker installation would not pass code right now!!! It is only being used at home right now though, when it goes into the restaurant it will be under a hood, and have its very own outlet!