Insurance: who do you use?

We have a pickup/delivery shop and we’re looking for some quotes…

So in the PMQ post cards there is a card for
Has anyone used them? How is their pricing and service?

Other then that I have not been able to find to many companies that work the pizza delivery in IL, whom do you guys use?

Thanks all!

I’ve found that pretty much all restaurant insurers are very similar, up until you want to use an appliance that uses solid fuel (Wood, Coal, Charcoal, pellets)
Then you will be very limited.

I Emailed them years ago , never got a response.

I use a broker, every year we re-evaluate the policy and she checks around to see if anyone else is cheaper.

Sometimes shopping around and switching insurers to save money can hurt you in the long run…If you have no longevity with an insurer they can sometimes choose not renew after even a minor claim. And if that happens it can be used against you with a new insurer to get an even higher rate out of you…And generally you will find that over a number of years the “peaks and valleys” of rates will average out…

i contacted them about a month ago and emailed them back and forth a few times with all the information they requested. My policies expire at the end of this month so I am curious to see if they get back to me or not

Well i only switched my policy because it doubled, yes you read that right, doubled. My broker was already looking for a new one because they had did that to all of her clients.

Last year my new company raised the rates about 15% i think it was. Still alot less then before but it was a bit of a spike. Policy will be renewing here in a couple months so i am interested to see what they will be doing now.

My broker is at but good rates can also be found (and free drinks when at pizza expo) from