We just hooked up with a local company to cover us with non-owned insurance that will basically cover our ass from any lawsuits if one of our drivers has an accident. The insurance does not cover the driver or his car, but simply our interests in the shop. Price was around 2500 for the year, but we are hooking up with a buddy of mine that has a shop and our insurance guy says we can run an umbrella coverage that will allow us to split the cost but gain the same non-owned coverage. Dont have exact numbers or company yet as he is putting it together for us this weekend, but its the best price ive been able to find. Will pass along any more info and ill find out if the guy wants any more business from it.

We are going thru a similar situation. But we are finding out that when a driver clocks in their personnal insurance will NOT cover them. So guess who they will come after? … YOU

My non-owned & hired coverage is included ($1,000,000) in my business policy for $3,300 per year. I purchased an additional umbrella of $1,000,000 for $750. These prices assume that ther bulk of our business is NOT delivery, but I am not sure how that is determined even though we are mostly carry-out