Interchange Pass Through category "Restaurant Credit&qu

This category is the plain jane, no rewards credit card. The requirements are listed below. It becomes a little more difficult in predicting how much of your business will be from this category, especially if you are in a “vacation, resort” area.
You can look at your statements and see how much of your business is attributed to this category ( for pass through merchants). Interchange cost is:

CPS I Restaurant Credit

1.54% plus $0.10

(description of qualifications)

Consumer Traditional Cards. Card Present/ Magnetic Stripe Read! Signature Obtained! Authorized! Consumer Traditional Cards. Same requirements as CPSlRetail. Authorized amount does not have to match transaction amount. Authorization and magnetic stripe required. Eligible merchants: Restaurants (5812) and Fast Food Restaurants (5814). Maximum 2 days to deposit & settle. Purchase date must be within I day of auth date.