Interesting idea (stolen, of course)

We went on vacation recently and stopped at a chain store (I forget the name). The kid’s cup came with a package of animal crackers inside. That was pure genius, IMHO. The food wasn’t good at all, but that’s a whole other story.

If you have kids, you already know that one of the biggest challenges in going out to a restaurant is keeping the kid entertained before the food arrives. Another challenge is that kids often eat slowly and get distracted. If I had my way, the kid’s food would come way before ours, so we could concentrate on getting her to eat her meal.

The animal crackers give her something to play with AND something to eat before the meal arrives.

Another thing that really helps is those little coloring sheets. If you don’t have kids, they may seem stupid. If you have kids, you probably already know how useful they are.

Good idea snow.

You’re in Nashville? Why’d I think you’re in Dallas? I love that town (Nashville), having lived there for about 4 years. As a matter of fact, if you drive up to Goodlettsville and get off at the Long Hollow Pike exit you’ll see my old Domino’s store where I really learned my way in this business. As a matter of fact, I was just talking about that store a couple days ago in here:

We did a carryout promotion ($3.99 Large Pepperoni, Carryout Only) bringing sales from about $8k to over $20k. If/when you go up there, picture cars wrapped around the building and through the southern half of the parking lot half way to the gas station. :smiley: It was CRAZY!


we make sure the child gets a drink and a coloring book right away,its like hypnosis

I have to say of all the places to live JC kansas would be my last place LOL… Yes I am a former army with Big Red One. but that was 15 years ago…I have to hope its more than one main street and a few strip bars…at that time I think dominoes was our only choice

LOL. Hey now. Those girls at the strip bars are some of our best customers. As far as the town is concerned, I wouldn’t say it’s changed all that much. They’re really trying to transform it and it’s a work in progress but for now it’s still your generic, run-of-the-mill military town. And yep, my store’s on that main street, about 2 blocks from the Mickey D’s, KFC, and Wendy’s.

That Domino’s is owned by my former Franchise Area Consultant back when I was with the company so I know him well. He bought that store back in '95 when it was averaging about $20k/week. His sales have steadily increased since then and was actually one of the highest volume Domino’s in the country. Of course, he knew I was going to knock him down a couple pegs, but he’s still holding his own even though my sales have steadily increased an average of 7% - 10% per month since I’ve been open.

I actually live in Manhattan (the neighboring town) about a mile from Tom Lehman’s place at AIB. So nope, I don’t live in JC. I’ve just got a store there. Hopefully we’ll open a shop over here in Manhattan soon so I won’t have to drive so far everyday.


You can’t miss his old Domino’s. They have a statue of j_r0kk out front. :lol:

Yeah, covered in streamers, waving $3.99 large pizza specials boards and handing out doorhangers. :lol:

LOL, I don’t know about all that. It was a great store though… about an 800 square foot pre-fabricated free standing building with a drive thru. The place was so small you actually had to walk outside to get into the bathroom. There wasn’t enough space inside the store to put a door so they had to put the door outside.

Now, here in Junction City, my place is about 865 square feet and I’ve got a door on the INSIDE of the store leading to the bathroom. See, I’m moving up in the world… though my walk in and dry storage are out back 'cause I can’t fit 'em inside. At least I’ve got the indoor bathroom.