Interesting Marketing Twist

As I was giving way to a chocolate craving today I looked inside the wrapper and noticed some writing. It said " This is not an empty wrapper it is a reminder to get more". I could see this working for a pizza box. What do you think?

that is pretty interesting. What would be the added cost to adding that phrase to the box?’


That is hilarious… I think people will laugh and who knows… maybe order another pizza =)

If you put this on the inside of the box, a special ink must be used. I’ve always thought an ad or logo inside a box would be great though. On a similar note, of those that use custom boxes, do any of you print a logo on the bottom of the box? That way no matter which side is showing sticking out of the garbage can, your logo can be seen.

Could print a cheap flyer and staple it to the top of your box. just a cheap alternative

You could get a stamp made and just stamp the inside of the box with the saying. That would be pretty cheap.