Interesting Pizza Boxes

I was looking for an alternative to the normal pizza boxes and found this. I wonder if anyone makes them on this side of the ocean.

We just use stock, generic boxes because they are cheap.

I would love to have personalised boxes but the cost would be too huge.

It is an ambition for me though… :slight_smile:


I have seen a couple of these guys at vendor shows and I am gearing up for it. I have a couple of goals this year and one of it is to get free pizza boxes…I am going to approach all of the video stores if I can pimp the tops of my boxes, there was a place last year at the pizza show that worked with blockbuster they printed all the new HOT releases. boxes changed every other month (execept at tax time, I already pimped them out LOL) any way will let ya know what I find out,

I’m not too great at reading Italian, but that design (especially the stacking part) seems really intriguing. Wonder if anyone will pick up that concept on this continent?? I’d look at them!!

That is one of the features that I like another is the steam vents in the top of the box.

There is an English link…

I’ve always thought about just drilling/boring a few holes into the sides…

My boxes come pre-cut for holes on the sides and the front, its up to you whether you wanna punch em in or leave em.