International Restaurant Show in NYC

Anyone planning on going?

Must be everyone is going to NAPICS or Vegas…

Hi BC:

A restaurant show is vastly different than a pizza show or expo.

There will be a lot of exhibits, possibly most of them not related to pizza.

George Mills

Yes I know I have been to all 3 of them before. The NY show only has a small portion of it dedicated specifically to pizza… however there are a lot of other useful vendors there also, for example there are many equipment dealers and marketing companies that will attend. There is also a number of seminars to attend that pretain to all kinds of businesses.

PMQ is usually there and they also hold the Americas plate there.

Not to mention you can visit the oldest pizzeria in America along with many others that have a great tradition and withstood the test of time

You have not had a true New York Pizza unless you have visited one of these places.

I should clarify I am not saying any one show is better than another… just for me this year NYC is a better trip cost and distance wise than the others. Although if I had to pick from one of the many events I would have to go with the pizza cruise… Good times with good people!