Internet/phone company contracts

Anybody know what the laws are regarding internet/phone companies putting you in a new contract when you change anything in the services?

I upgraded my internet a couple months ago which apparently put me in a new contract even though nothing was signed. Now I want to cancel the phone service but keep the internet and they said if I want to do that I would have to pay off the remainder of the contract, which comes out to about $3000 lol (not joking). This can’t be legal right?

I had issues with One Communications around 5 years ago- nothing but a nightmare.
They sued me when I cancelled (and refused to pay)
Ended up w/ some legal fees but that was it.
I’m sure they have a clause on page 267 about your scenario…
As an attorney once said “fine print does not make good law”
Let them sue you… or talk to an attorney.
Have you spoken to them?

I mean their customer service sucks, but their service itself isn’t horrible or anything which is why I do want to keep them for internet. I’m just looking to upgrade to a voip service for the phones and thought it would be a pretty simple process. Right now I have requested they send me whatever contract that I’m in so I can read over and go from there. Once I have that I will probably talk to an attorney and see what my options are. I just don’t see how it’s right to put me in a contract without me knowing. And all the early termination fees I’ve ever heard of were more like $200, maybe $300, but $3000? That’s just ridiculous!