Internet Usage While At Work

Just curious how many people let their employees surf the internet at their pizza shop. It sometimes feels as if, our store is an internet cafe. I came in on saturday and every terminal was being used as an internet station. I kindly let everyone know that if I caught them on the internet again, they didn’t need to bother coming back to work.

I don’t mind, if they want to take a second to check a bank account or pay a bill (if they don’t have internet access at home), but when people start loading Instant Messenger and chatting with their friends, or visiting myspace and facebook… It really pisses me off.

So if you do allow people to use the internet… To what extent do you let them use it? What is your policy?


Wow, I don’t allow internet access at all in the workplace unless it is directly realted to work - like finding a street, or ordering something for the store, etc.

How about internet access for yourself? Do you surf the internet in front of your employees? Anybody else?

I’ll check my e-mail and accounts but other then that, I try to limit myself since it doesn’t set a good example sitting on your butt surfing the internet.

Well, I will do business related things while I’m there if I have the time or the need - so yes, I will check email and reply.

But again, this is business related, so I don’t see any comparison to one of my employees doing their “myspace” thing.

We don’t allow Internet use at all - the POS requires the highest security setting to even get to Windows to log onto the internet. But then, we don’t allow text messaging, cell phones or pagers either.

If business is slow, there’s always something to clean, doorhangers to distribute, or flyering to be done. No reason at all for people to be on the interet.

If they don’t have a computer, why do they have logons to web banking?

I told students that take online classes if they get all their work done they can do homework for up to half hour. One charges his ipod on it otherwise off limits. I have enough trouble with the TV that seems to mesmerize them. I use whenever I want if the managers here. Im paying them to work.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Brandy (Kay, I think) cut it off and quick. You have to set the standards from the get go. Letting them do all that stuff is really not your problem… the answer should have always been NO period.

I would have a serious coronary if I found any employee on the internet at work, I would find plenty of clean up etc for them to do.

Could you imagine going to Mc dees and the crew being on the internet.

The entire subject is absurd to me and seriously I suggest you reign in the troops or they will rain on your parade.

Lol… Thats what it used to be like at my restaurant. You walk in. Bartender is sitting in chair, surfing the internet on the Pos Terminal at the bar. Ignores customer for a minute, since he’s reading such a good e-mail or story, then says hi to customer. Customer wants to order right away but wait… bartender has to reload the pos program and shutdown his internet explorer window.

Or bartender is serving drinks, customers drinks are full… Wam, let’s get on the internet. WHILE SITTING DOWN. Let’s completely ignore everyone in the dining room and bar to read those good stories on the internet, or let’s instant message our girlfriends! Yes while sitting down in front of the customers, lets surf the internet…

Yeah I think its totally BS. I don’t think anybody should sit down while on the clock, and I don’t think they should be surfing the internet. I try to enforce it the best I can but I’m not in the store alot, so it happens. I also let it slide a few times, so I probably helped create the problem.

my biggest concern would be my liability if one of the employees did anything illegal over the net. i worked for a restauarant where the corporation was sued because of a manager dealing in child porn. it was in fact the restaurant that provided the internet access and facilitated the crime according to the courts.


Get a PC for yourself, and KILL the internet use on your POS terminals.
Someone’s going to grab a virus off MySpace and shut down your store.

Good points I never thought of. Noone has actually taken me up on the offer of doing their homework on it. The only thing here is my laptop and it goes home when I do. Im glad I dont have the internet anywhere else I could see where it would probably irritate me enough to fire anyone that tried it.