Intersting attivle about Cici's (and very good advice)

I am a fan of ETR, an email newsletter. (Google it if you are interested). Today they had an interesting article about Cici’s pizza. It didn’t really portray them in a decent light, but since I have been pretty underwhelmed with them myself I had no problem re-posting it as a good lesson to others out here on the TT.

Quoted article follows:
[size=5]Why Lie About It?
By Suzanne Richardson

One of the best ways to improve your marketing skills is to learn to recognize where other marketers are going wrong with their sales copy.

Take, for example, a television ad for Cici’s Pizza. Their tag line was something like, “All you can eat pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert buffet for under $5.”

So why was there a little disclaimer below the “$5” that said, “Prices at some locations may be slightly higher”?

When you’re advertising your product, coming up with a USP (unique selling proposition) is a must. That’s what sets your product apart from others like it.

But if your USP isn’t really true… it stops being a USP. And ends up becoming a lie.

I get it. Prices do vary by location. A franchise on Park Avenue in New York City is going to have higher costs (rent, salaries, state taxes) than the same franchise in Hicksville, Arkansas. But if something renders your USP null and void for some of your customers - come up with another USP.

If your product is good enough, you should have no trouble finding something else about it that’s stellar. If you can’t think of anything yourself, hire a copywriter. A good one will be able to help you discover - or create - a new USP.