Introducing Claudio, a new Think Tank Admin

Fellow Tankers, please welcome Claudio, a new Administrator in the Think Tank!

Claudio is an expert in Xenforo, the Think Tank’s new forum software, and has been helping me get PMQ set up with the most dynamic Think Tank yet.

Like so many of you, he’s an entrepreneur but for the IT company Todo10. He also loves pizza. :slight_smile:

You may find him answering your technical questions regarding the new layout and functionality. He also knows how to add on all kinds of neat bonus features so don’t hesitate to speak up when you have a recommendation.

I’ve been enjoying all your feedback so far. Thanks for making it a great community.

Thank you very much Missy :slight_smile:

I’m glad to be part of this great community and I’ll do my best to improve it and help users if they have any issue. Your feedback is highly appreciated so please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have suggestions for the board software.

Thank you!


Thank you! :slight_smile: