Introducing myself

Hi All: I often check this forum but have not posted here. I run a unique bakery/pizzeria in Central Ohio. I come from the NJ/NYC pizza bakery world via my mother from Italy. The local paper did a story on us today and it is good intro into what we do. We are a small mom/pop like operation and everything is handmade. Anyway if anyone is in the area let me know and we would love to show you the place. Walter … za-profile

I love the story. Great job giving back to the community Walter! And welcome to the Think Tank.

Thanks for the welcome Paul! I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do. Walter

Welcome. Many of us are not long term members. There is a generous attitude here. A good friend of mine just visited, we drank just the right amount of Lagavulin while discussing CSR+ here is his site:

Don’t get tired of doing the right thing! Hope you get slammed after the blog mention.