Inventory and Speedline

Couple of questions or a discussion on inventory.

  1. How many take a full inventory vs a partial inventory?
  2. Does anyone use Speedline inventory software?
  3. Does anyone use a 3rd party inventory app/software?

We do both full and partial inventory.

To take a partial you’ll want to set up your “partial” items as “critical items” in the stock item settings. We do this for mozzarella as we inventory it each day. Its not mandatory but it helps for reports. Enter the count for for the partial item, post it, and when you close the day it will calculate your ideal vs actual for the week ( or what ever period you’ve set up ). When you do the full inventory you do the same but you will enter the count for all the items.

Same exact setup as pizzapiratespp. Do things exactly the same way with speedline.