Inventory? Are you doing it?

How many of you take a weekly/bi weekly inventory? Do you use your POS inventory program? If not what are you using? I’m trying to implement speedline inventory program now. Just curious what everyone else is doing?

I currently perform a full physical inventory before opening on Monday. I measure all of my store metrics Monday - Sunday.

I use Foodtec to track my inventory, but do not have it fully implemented. However, I have implemented the 20% that I need to get food cost accurate to within 1% of sales.

I plan to implement the rest of the features in order to reduce the effort spent on inventory. With all features implemented, I am confident I can attain the same accuracy with less work.

I do inventory at the end of the month and just use an excel spreed sheet, then enter the inventory amount into quickbooks.
We weigh everything. The rule is (there are only two reasons for not weighing ingredients. You either own the place or, you don’t want to work here anymore). Needless to say my crew is good at weighing.
I do track cheese and meats with the POS also. My food cost on the POS runs between 8 to 10% depending on discounts. My actual food cost usually runs 28 to 30%.

I agree that weighing is critical.

As previously stated, I plan to fully implement all inventory features later, but as of right now, I use the system to track on-hands of raw materials and for decrementing cheese, pepperoni, and wings.

full store inventory every week and monthly. Put into pos - revention. I have all the recipes programmed that can be in the POS so it will track exactly how much of everything we should have used. Can also track waste.