Inventory Managment


I hope everyone is doing well and selling lots of pizzas!

I am looking to improve our inventory management and organization.

Just curious what people are doing right now. Are you using an app or program? Pen and paper?

If anyone has an inventory template they like to share, please PM me.

Much appreciated.


POS inventory system. Actually have never not used one in 20 years.

I got your message on the inventory checklist. You’ll have to refresh my memory on that. We have done inventory on the point of sale for a good 20 years

No worries, maybe I got it mixed up with another name.

Looks like inventory through POS is pretty popular. Will check out what point of success has to offer.


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I personally used quickbooks. Only issue is that it goes by average cost on hand instead of First in first out unless you buy the enterprise version and the advanced inventory module.

Thanks stebby1, I will look into for sure. Cheers