IP Camera to Display on a TV

How do you display your ip camera system on a tv?
I have an app that I can view my ip cameras on my phone.
But I want to have a tv display my cameras at the expo station so we can see the back door and dishwashing area

I actually do this with an extra older iphone that I keep plugged into a TV using the headphone jack. You can purchase a connector that connects to an HDMI input. This has been a huge help to make sure drivers are not screwing around. I also use this same iphone to stream our music.

Hell yeah I love technology. Im going to run an hdmi from the DVR to the TV.

Then I should be able swith between inputs to easily see the backdoor/dishpit on one input then see the delivery driver tracking map on the next input

You have 2 dvrs? Maybe just grab 2 TV’s and run two hdmis, I know you’re limited in your space, but would be nicer in the long run

I only have one DVR, and space for only one TV.
I was going to use one TV input for the camera
And another input on the same TV for the delivery driver tracker. I was going to just switch between inputs. Thats my plan anyway.

It would be bettet if I had them on separate TV’s for sure