iPad Based POS -- Who Has One?

Okay…I was at a hockey tournament with my son and this pizza shop was using an iPad based POS system. No real time to talk with the guy, but while checking out he loved it.

My Problem with standard POS’s is that when a hard drive blows…or your Main Server Station blows, you are up shit creek without a pizza paddle OR a POS. He told me that these units are cloud based and if one blows…you run to the store…but a new one…install the app…and you keep on moving.

Who here has one?

thanks in advance…and yes I haven’t been on here for a while so I am a legitimate pizzeria owner.


I took a really long look at Revel (revelsystems.com).

I really liked the features and pricing… but was a little concerned that it was fairly new system.


I think you have just as much chance of something in the cloud blowing up as you do your in store POS. Our system has a backup primary server that will take over if our main server goes down. We can do tablet stations too if we wish.

Revel is nice but pricey…Point of Success can be used with ipads/iphones with a bit of insight

Cloud is the future. Mandy the problem I found with the ipad and cloud systems is the lack of caller id support and they are all SaaS (Software as a Service) so the long term ownership is pricey. From my research it seems as if some use a hybrid call center, but I have no experience with them.

I am dreaming of a better system. Anyone else?

I’m curious as well - especially about Revel. I looked at many of the iPad options and most seem to be lacking many important features. Revel at least claims to offer most of the options we are looking for but I haven’t heard from anyone that is actually using the system.

I run the whole place on ipads using Touchbistro. Amazing and affordable.

Run, don’t walk away from Revel. In 6 months they have not been able to set up our menu. We are in litigation with them. They will not give a refund on a brand new system. (still in box). Every time we ask them about an issue (usually half and half pizzas) they say “Sorry, thats the only way to do it”. Its totally ineffecient. After 6 months they still have pricing wrong. Go ahead and read other on-line reviews. You will see we are not alone. I do not want anyone to go through this.

I agree - had a tough time trying to get any actual REAL information from Revel. They are pretty arrogant. But I’m glad it took so long to get the answers we wanted because I eventually found Clover which I love. The Clover people have been great to work with and I’m really impressed with their app market. They have some pretty cool add on apps. It’s an Android tablet so the hardware costs are also cheaper.

you can use Point of Succes & mobile devices, if you want to fool around a bit…yrs ago I would remote in & answer calls, input orders etc…you can also use BigHoller with POS…but I still question the effectivesness of it…and I’m an Apple FanBoy from '84

I use revel… I love it… The best IPAD pos there is. You can set your menu up in the back end yourself… you dont need to wait for them… its very easy… why pay for something you can do yourself?

Follow the tutorials…

Get your money back, Give it to me… Ill set the menu up for you. :slight_smile:

Anyone tried Squareup?

Buy the stand, provide your own iPad, printers, barcode scanner(if needed), and cash drawer and good to go. Make sure it’s in their compatibility list.
Pricing doesn’t seem that bad either.

SquareUp is weak for most pizza DelCo ops…Revel is a nice, but pricey solution, with zero or little delvery focus…the big ex guys @ Micros bought/took over at Revel…it’ll be curious…

I used square for a few months, loved it until I needed phone support due to needing to do partial refund on a card without the card being present.

Then a few weeks later, I start getting notices that they needed my personal SSN to continue using them (biz is an S-corp). Then I got a notice that I exceeded an annual amount and my fees would increase.

You wanna do inexpensive and something you’ll love? Point of success on a laptop!
Do a weekly back up to an external drive, problem solved.

We use ShopKeep & I absolutely LOVE it. So easy.

Matt, do you link your shopkeep with any accounting software like quickbooks etc?

Iowa…You can export all kinds of reports in shopkeep. Although I just use HRB. I really do recommend shopkeep…it’s super easy for employees to learn.

Hi John. I saw your post about touch Bistro. I wanted to know if you would be willing to share a little bit more about the type of operation you have. trying to determine if touchbistro could work for our upcoming pizzeria. We will be set up in a Chipotle style format so speed of service is really important and also flexibility. any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you.

John. I know your post was from years ago but we are considering Touchbistro right now. We have has point of success for years but are done with the lag of updates that need to happen. Are you still using the. Still like them? Any insight?

Hi Patrick:
We have a huge number of updates included in our new version 4.0. Version 4.0 is due to release very soon. I invite you to call our sales or support department to learn about the new features. The lag you refer to is in part due to the fact we need time to test the changes. Once we’re happy with the results, live beta testers are employed. Once we’ve had the new version in the field for a period of time, we release the finished and tested software to users. I am sure you can appreciate how important it is to produce a product that has been thoroughly tested and vetted by real users.