iPad Based POS -- Who Has One?

I see this got bumped up and I am new to this site. We have had Revel since the winter of 2014. Things were not always easy, and I certainly understand the frustration with menu setup and such. That being said and asking Revel to waive the monthly fees until we were satisfied took a lot of perseverance from me and my employees. I threatened legal action quite a few times. Fast forward about 3-4 months after that fiasco and I wouldn’t switch. Online ordering syncs with our POS and allows us complete control. The Caller ID box is a must for businesses with a lot of repeat business. We don’t use the delivery management as we found it slowed down the iPad to an unbearable crawl. However inputting all that information in, is a breeze. We have combos that prompt the employee to upsell on each ticket item. The online alone as surged our business about 20% without any advertising.

I cannot stress that you can’t walk into this system and just run it, it has too many features and options and you will get to the breaking point. The system is expensive but we were able to get a salesman that was able to allow us to use our own equipment. I’m not sure they allow this still. I am an IT Pro by day, so implementing their network layout on mine was a breeze (anyone can do it).

I’ve used Waiterio - It is relatively new kid on the block when it comes to pizzeria POS. I’ve used Revel and TouchBistro too but they were too expensive. Waiterio just did it for me. You can try it here: www.waiterio.com

Same happened with me with Revel. It was really inconvenient.