Just wanted to make sure everyone road out the storm these last few days ok. I know Rick was South and in a ways from the coast…and I know where a lot of the others are claiming their piece of the pie out there. Anyone in the path of the storm or feeling the hit from people leaving? Good too hear it kind of fell apart as it went North. Having been in 2 hurricanes in my life…they are not fun! If the howling of the wind with the endless thumps against your structure doesn’t drive you crazy…the crying kids (and some adults) do! The worst part of it all is more the aftermath. Everything is blocked and covered in mud, sand, branches, and garbage! Then 2-3 days later the smell hits you. Good news is not a lot of loss of life… I personally think you should not have any… there is time to leave and it sounds like the few that are being reported are more from driving accidents after the flooding in areas than direct storm hits. I am happy the storm fell apart but hope people don’t get the “cry wolf” mindset the next time around. Be smart people…it is only material items that can be replaced that should be lost in a storm like this! :idea:

I know Rob T was in the path as well as a few TT members in the Boston area that don’t post as often as they used to. I hope all is well with any TT member up that direction.

We did not see any wind or rain, for our area it was a non-event.


Lots of rain here made for a very busy delivery night.

eye came through head on, but it was a lot weaker then when it hit NC.

Lots of down power lines, trees, etc.

Electric still on @ the store. BUSY!