Is anyone familiar with Lincoln 1116 Ovens?

I am looking at building a mobile pizza kitchen and have come across a doulble stacked set of ovens in “good working condition” for $1600. What do I need to look for with this oven to know what might go wrong?

One failure during a big affair can cost you more than you saved.

Send those ovens to a competent rebuilder and have them brought up to date.

George Mills

There are two(2) styles of this oven. The original version with the controls under the conveyor and the new Advantage version,

First off, if these ovens are Lincoln 1116’s they will NOT work in your mobile kitchen unless you plan on having them plugged into Natural Gas(land based) at each location. My guess is that you are planning on using a LP bottle to run them. The conversion is simple and not very spendy(less than $100 per oven).

  1. Combination Gas Valve Nat-LP Kit(Includes spring, cap, and label)
  2. Main Spud Orifice(LP)
  3. Pilot Orifice (LP)

This can normally be accomplished by anyone who is handy or familiar with gas systems. No special tools are required.
A question I get is how much gas will I need to run these ovens? These ovens are OEM specked at 40,000 btu’s per hour.
• Pounds Per Gallon 4.2 –
• BTU Per Gallon 91,502 –
• BTU Per Pound 21,548
This calculates out to:
• 2 hours & 17 minutes per gallon per oven.
• 32 minutes per pound per oven.

Lincoln’s designer of the first generation should have been “shot” instead he actually patented the design. This design is great if you are only operating a single oven design(still sold labeled “Express Oven”, must be wanting to get rid of Old stock). When they are stacked (double or triple) there is no clearance to allow the bottom oven’s heat and rising grease vapors to escape. Instead they coat and cook the oven above it’s controls. This problem is evident in ALL of the low profile “first” generation ovens (1100 and 1600 series).

With the Advantage series the controls are relocated to a cone mounted away from the rising heat and grease vapors. An Advantage series is designated with the serial numbers as such: 1155-B 00- E A (1155=Main Model No. B=Language 00=Special Unit Design (02=All Stainless Unit) E=EC Marked Units A=Advantage Style)

To your original question, is $1,600 a good price…
The ovens refurbished in the marketplace with a 30 day service and 1 year parts warranty sell for $3,250 each your price would be $6,500(savings $4,900)
If you were to by a spare parts kit it would be less than $2.000 (savings $2,900)
• Blower Motor
• Ignition Controller
• Speed Controller
• Potentiometer
• Conveyor Drive Motor
• Burner Combustion Blower Motor
• Temperature Control
• Axial Fan
• Relay
• Thermocouple

I know some of you would probably add some more to this list. But this is about the “bare” minimums(I am open for suggestions). Lincoln are built on a redundant logic. The digital display (if you have this version) for both the temperature and conveyor time are independent of the operation of the oven. It is only there for the operator. The oven will run by using the potentiometers for the temperature and conveyor time control.

Labor to fix the ovens, depends if you are handy or if you know someone handy(couple of hundred).

I know someone is going to post: “What happens when these ovens go down on a busy day, when and if you spent the additional money to get the right ovens or have then refurbished properly?” What if it rains on your busy day and no one shows up. I have seen new ovens fail within days(hours) of installation and I have seen old ovens run forever…Your call.

Lincoln 1100’s are durable ovens, I have pulled units out of stores that are crusted with grease, you can’t read the displays, but are running strong.

If you don’t buy these ovens for $1,600 dollars, I will!! and give you $100 for the “bird call”. Reply through the post if you are interested.


Thank you for you very informative response. Yes I did know that the gas to LP conversion was required.

I have a line on a complete mobile unit as well so I have been looking at both that and the do-it-yourself option. From the looks of things I will probably go with the unit that is setup and ready to roll as it would get me in the market place sooner than trying to run the store and build the mobile unit at the same time.

PM me and I can give you details on where these units are.

Thanks again