Is cheese getting corrected?

DOWN 13 TODAY! Is the market being corrected from over inflated speculation? I guess we’ll see.


$2.79/lb for Polly-O wm block today. Thats up almost .40 in the last 2 weeks.


it is a typo


Must be a typo, because I was led to believe this increase was about greedy b@stards and not about market pressures. f it were market pressures, then we would see ocassional up and down spikes that lead generally towards a regression to the mean.

Unless we get bad crop results as the season goes on, then it still won’t matter because the prices are about b@stards being greedy :smiley:


Cheese prices have been so ridiculous lately, up 50 cents a pound in less than a month… I have been bitching to my purveyor, even threatened to go to someone else. We’ll see if I can get better prices. At Pizza Hut I would have never had to worry about this. It sickens me, but it seems like the big guys get way better treatment as far as prices go. Especially from Pepsi.


The high prices are supposed to last all year. They are supposed to go higher actually. My hunch is today is just a short term thing and it will go back up. If you have the room buy blocks and freeze it. I havent bought cheese in two months and the frozen product has been great.


cheese up around $0.40 and more at ph even raised menu prices this week and extra cheese cost more now and you can not have it as a topping on their coupon deals ohhh stuffcrust $1.00 more

Yes- Pizza Hut and Dominos are paying vastly higher cheese prices too. The reasons are complex- mainly because of a world wide Whey shortage brought on by the Australian drought. Yesterday’s drop of 13 cents is good news- hopefully we’ll get some more relief. The market has moved up too fast. Higher cheese prices are here for the long term IMHO.

Been watching the mozz market and am informed like everyone else.

What hit me in the back of the head like a boomerang was my slice american cheese price :shock: Why it didn’t occur to me to be prepared for that, I don’t know. Went up 70 cents a pound in just 2 weeks! Never occured to me to watch for that. I guess even remanufactured, remolded and sliced scraps of cheese food is more expensive these days. (Pastuerized Processed Cheese Food).

And my pizza cheese has actually been level for 3 weeks :o Who would have guessed?

Don’t forget parm. cheese too…ricotta cheese…bleu cheese…all your white dressings…alfredo…butter… Anything dairy is going to sky rocket.

For those of you who are interested, there is a very good article on why cheese prices are where they’re at by Peter Thor, President Bellissimo Foods in the Bellissimo Foods Newsletter (Vol. 12 No. 6).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


I checked the week’s cheese market, and it appears to have another week of stabilizing. I’m not celebrating and chopping prices or anything, but it is encouraging to see the continued slowdown of prices n the market. Heck, this could even be good news if it continues next week. I know we gotta wait to see what the later Midwest corn crop does before getting to excited.

Those beef and dairy lobbyists need to get to Washington as lean on those farm subsidies for corn and wheat. Get the farmers GROWING, and reducing enticements to let land lay fallow or tied up in other, less currently crucial crops.

I still don’t think we are seeing a trend toward market correction yet. Too soon and not enough market changes to accommodate the corn crunch. I do believe it will come later this year, though. Maybe early to mid-Fall, if all goes well. (Never been a market analyst in my life . . . just feeling froggy today)