is it just me or what

is it just me or was last week veeerrry slooow was the worst week since opening 7 years ago
hope its not the start of something drastic (like closing)
could go full time police though dodge bullets instead of bill collectors they are smaller lol

just wondering


I was wondering the same thing too…This entire month has been the slowest month I have ever had.

Summer’s ending, school’s starting (back to school shopping), economy is no better, jobs are tight, and raises are even tighter, unemployment benefits are ending, stocks are down, shall I continue???

I think its due to the fact that school and college are starting soon. With them having to buy supplies,clothes and items for dorm rooms customers are tightning their belts a little. Luckily our place is located right near 2 schools so lunches have been pretty busy with all the staff ordering while they are getting set up.