Is it just me or....

Is it ok to rant here?? :x

We get called a couple of times a week from credit card processing companies thet misrepresent who they are and who they work for and what their purpose for calling is while trying to set up an appointment to review our merchant services statement. They make claims like “We are contacting you on behalf of visa/mastercard to make sure we are not being overcharged on your merchant services account.” When asked, they try to avoid telling you the name of the company they work for, and they never tell you they are setting up an appointment for a salesman to try to get your account. Do these people think that anyone who is intelligent enough to stay in bussiness will be stupid enough to turn their cash flow over to a company that introduces itself with lies and deception? “Hi. we are dishonest SOBs and we would like to handle 30% of your sales”

Does everybody get these calls? Does anybody trust these people? I mean what the heck, why not have them swing by at closing time, count the drawer and take the cash to the bank for me too?

Rant over! Thanks!

i get about 5 calls a week from these companies. I tell them to call back on Sunday when the owner is here.