is it me or is it a slow month

what do you guys think of the slumping sales these days. How is everyone doing. I have to start adverstising nowadays and am working harder. I believe domino’s 5.99 lg 1 topping has hurt everyone. what do you think. Any suggestions.

Last month was our biggest ever. This month has really slowed, save the weekends.

I let my printer handle my direct mail pieces this past few weeks and I’ve had dismal returns. Will send out the pieces on my own this month and see if things pick up again . . .

2008 was a record year for us and we we were on target to equal last year or surpass it by a small amount and then school started. This year it his us the most I have seen. Sept and Oct were down from last year and in Nov the weekends have been great and the weekdays have been crappy. We are all carry out and delivery if that matters. Since Tues of this week, things seem to pick up for us compared to recent weeks, lets see what this weekend brings.


2008 was a record year for us too…but then it went south as the weather warmed up I was off 25-30% off of last years numbers…with August being the worst month of all with school starting. So far Sept & Oct are down but only 17% & 12%. My weekdays too are really slow the only saving grace is the weekends.