is it quiet tonight or what

seems a little slow to me tonight…

Same here…

same here too

Ditto. Everyone has over spent themselves for Valentines Day. Next friday and saturday should return to normal.

Wow it’s nice to be one of the busy ones on the board for a change.

Tonight is one of the busiest Fridays for us in a coupld of months. We’re up 19% over last Friday and 23.5% over where we were this time last week.

Between the 11" of snow, freezing temps and 35 mph winds I think everyone decided to stay in this Friday and order out.

Sorry to hear sales are down Billy. I’m in the same boat with td. Record Friday. We had snow also, so we can contribute the big sales increase to the weather. Hang tough guys. -J_r0kk

Here in my city the schools were out for a four day weekend so last night was more like a Friday and tonight is more like a Saturday. I hope tomarrow isn’t like a Sunday that would not be cool.

Very busy for us all day. We have an Alberta stat holiday (family day) on Monday which always makes us busy on the Fri. Sat and Sun. Monday will be down a little from a reg Monday but with the holiday hours (open at 2 instead off 11) I save on labor so it ends up being a good day.

Its far from quiet here, but then again, I am in Taiwan and today is the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. All the other restaurants around are closed, except us and we were slammed for lunch.

We opened less than 2 months ago on Christmas eve and with a New York style chewy pizza we have been a huge success compared to the competitors in town. (QQ in chinese means chewy)

Dinner should be interesting as it is tradition that the entire chinese family gets together for dinner. So…as a promotion and a Thank You, we here at QQ Pizza have invited ANY expat in for free pizza and soda between 5 & 8pm. We are expecting about 75-100 people. Should be fun to be surrounded by so many expats in one place. I’ll let you know how it goes. We plan on this being an annual event.

Busy here on the other side of PA, too. 20% above avg. We’ve actually had a pretty good week. Snow/ice RUINED everyone’s V-day, most people couldn’t even get out, but our awd van did pretty good delivering.

Sorry to hear that fellas Im about to hit my record breaking week after 7months of bullshit I hope i break it. Thanx to J-rock and every1 elses good advice. Then again the other pizza shop in town decided to close for a week for vacation so maybe that could have something to do with it , even though nobody has mentioned it…

One of my shops was really busy. It did almost double the amount of sales for a normal Friday. My other shop did about the average for a Friday. You guys are talking about getting snow but I can’t feel sorry for you. LOL! I live in upstate, NY and we have been getting pounded for the last 2 weeks. We have gotten over 8 foot of snow so far. Half of my employees have been callling in because they can’t get their cars out of their driveways. My managers have been having a hell of a time getting people to work. I’ve lived here all my life and I’m used to getting a lot of lake effect snow but this is the most snow that I can ever remember getting in such a short period of time. If any of you guys want to pack up your shovels and take a little vacation here, let me know. I have a lot of snow removal to take care of. Lol. I’ll even throw in some free hot chocolate and provide some gloves and hats.

better be some pizza in it to

No thanks, I’ll stay here in sunny florida where our low will be down to 25 tonight. At least no snow and it almost hit 60 this afternoon.