Is it rude to ask a pizzaiola what's in the pizza?

Is it wrong to ask what’s in the pizza… what type of flour you use? What % water, salt, etc?

How would you answer?

Just curious… I am not a pizza restaurant owner or operator. Maybe some day in my future who knows. For now I just like to make it at home, and sometimes just wonder HOW DO THEY DO IT!?

for me, I appreciate the question and enjoy talking about it…
the only secrets are that there are no secrets, …it takes constant, conciencious(sp!) effort to make good pizza…

I think the good pizzaiolos like talking about what is in there pizzas,
and if it is another pizzaiola, there is an opportunity to learn from them…I always like new ideas, they all have merit


I do not think too many would be very receptive to that question…

for me its kinda like asking somebody how much money do you make

I would concentrate on formulating your own recipe that is geared toward your market

to answer your question I would NOT hand over recipes but that just me

I am quite glad to talk to strangers about ingredients as I am very proud of our ingredients. I am a bit slower to share recipes and techniques unless I have a sort of rapport or relationship going. SOME reason to think it is worth the investment of my time and experience,

I stand with Nick and his response. Always glad to talk about the high quality ingredients that are used, and about how long it took me to learn the business, and about how rewarding it is/can be, but when asked about the amounts of ingredients (the formula/recipe) I would simple say that those are our trade secret, and that’s what gives our product its own personality and identety.
As for anyone wanting to know how we make pizza, well, you’ve come to the right place. Just go to the RECIPE BANK and spend some time looking through the different formulas/recipes and procedures, then go back and look through the ARCHIVES at many of the different questions/issues that have been addressed in the past. This web site is a veritable text book on pizza making, problem solving and everyday operations, it’s all here, you just have to read it.
Good luch with getting you own store, remember, we’re all here to help you. That’s what makes this such a great industry to work in.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor