Is Kamron Karington back at PMQ?

I just noticed this new forum: viewforum.php?f=15

It seems like Kamron has been “off the radar” of the pizza world for a while. I remember he penned a few articles for the other magazine and then he seemed to have vanished, at least around the forums. Kind of the same thing with Dave Ostrander.

Yes, he is indeed a marketing expert for PMQ and will be answering any questions directed his way. 8)

-Mike Cockrell

Will he be offering any PMQ members discounts on his “gun to the head marketing” book?

Freddy (I’ve got a few Krugerrands myself)…

Anyway… you won’t have to sell one to get the book… it’s only 20 bucks.

The book is on… but if you use this link… you can order an autographed copy…


Care to contribute to this board, or are you just here to shill your book?


Seems to me that he did contribute to the board by answering the question posed by Freddy. His plug of his book was only a result of the answering question that was asked.

KK brings a ton of knowledge to the table.

Looks like he is out of here. I don’t blame him.


I heard the book was good and plan on buying it. I didn’t mean to start a problem.

I would actually just like too know if pulling Nick’s Pants behind an airplane would be a good marketing tactic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s get caught up…

After travelling 60,000+ miles per year and travelling the entire planet… I’m pretty much retired from teaching…

And… I will NOT be at Pizza Expo this coming year…But I WILL be contributing to PMQ from now on… and I’m happy to answer questions in this forum - if I feel I have something relevant to add…

As far as shilling my book? I guess I could have avoided the question about the book altogether?

Anyway… here’s a FREE contribution to the forum… go here: … &page=gtth

… about 3/4s down the page… download Claude Hopkins - Scientific Advertising… it’s free… and likely the most powerful marketing book ever penned…

Finally, having towed banners behind my plane - years ago… it just depends on how big Nick’s pants are…


We are glad to have you on-board and back at PMQ!

Kamron that was a good laugh! Welcome back too the board.