Is online ordering worth the investment?

For those of you who have added online ordering, has it improved your sales? or canibalized your call in orders? I am thinking about adding it, and wanted to here from the experts here!
Thanks in advance for for your input.

I’ve done online from day 1 so I can’t prove that it’s increased my sales.

In terms of canibalizing my sales - well I think that’s what you want don’t you? There are a plethora of studies that people who order on line (and spend time browsing the online menu and offers) spend more AND most importantly it saves on labour. As much as I love my staff having people order online is my preference - no 'oh my god not an other order when the other 6 lines are ringing and the ovens full etc etc).

I do approx 40%+ of my sales by volume online and about 20% pay online as well and with the enhanced security available for online payments I’ve never had a chargeback on one of these prepaid orders.

Couldn’t live without it now.

We are now about 120 days into online ordering. I like it. Right now it amounts to about 6-7% of sales. It has not paid for iteself yet, but I have no doubts that it will.

Ours is fully integrated with our POS. Customer orders and pays online, order pops up on the makeline computer etc.

We do about 10% of our sales from online ordering.

Cost me about 400 bucks to setup from big and then Point of sucess and its like 40 bucks a month

I like it, customers love it

There are numerous discussions about this subject in the archive so it would be worth your while to do some searching…Now I do not have any “ponies” in this “show” but my opinion is that it will be worth your while…

Why spend $39 per month for online ordering?

-Average order is 18% to 25% higher online
-Reduced “order errors” since customer must approve their own selections
-More convenient for your customer - no waiting on hold or dealing with busy employees
-A growing number of consumers REFUSE to call in to order pizza
-The “big chains” are not promoting offline ordering anymore…
-If you are not online you can not gain market share as quickly
-Research suggests that customers who order online tend to order more often

And most importantly:
Every online order (or even account sign up without an order) adds to your marketing database. You capture names, phone numbers, and emails which allow you to advertise to customers for next to nothing in the future. This is a huge deal!

Call me at 1-800-481-1656 x22 if you would like to discuss how online ordering works (payments, starting out, etc). I’m always here to help!

roughly 12% of my sales are from OLO.

Everything is done online now, so i would seriously consider it.

Try to get a flat monthly fee ($50) for unlimited orders.
Pay the setup fee, and off you go.
Capture email addresses, and start email marketing.
It will pay for itself.

We added it about 8 months ago and I think is was a smart move. Ours isn’t taking off like crazy but the peope that have used it keep on using it. We pay a flat $50 per month for unlimited orders with Revention and thats it. We are about to sign up for the smart phone app that they developed as well. Online ordering just taps in to a younger demographic because todays youth likes their computers and smart phones. Our older customers won’t touch a computer and using the phone is just fine for them.

Good luck.