Is PFG still #1?

All their sales reps say they are #1 in pizza

What about Sysco? Didnt they buy Greco?

US foods…dont they have Grande?

US FOODS has nearly all the products we love

Grande (Most important)

Polly-O ricotta

Kens dressing

B&M shaved steak

Tri tip

Excellent vegetable buyers

Hormel pepperoni

Dole pineapple

Dart containers

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Grande (Most important) I use grande, but I love US’s website the most, Its far and away the best

Polly-O ricotta… polly-o is better than Grande SOPRAFFINA? is that a thick ricotta for cannolis?

Kens dressing… a must have, but I get it from RD

B&M shaved steak, this is better than steakeze??

Hormel pepperoni… agree

Dole pineapple… agree Dole is a must, but I like the lite syurp ones they sell at RD, I don’t even know why they stock the chunks, whole, or crushed ones. they never sell, they put down a pallet of Tidbits and it gone by the end of the day

Dart containers :+1:

Polly-O NY Style ricotta is thick and smooth and has a great taste it works awesome for our pizza and cannoli.

Grande Sopprafina is great…but its grainy and gets too loose when we try to make cannoli filling
Grande Del Pastaio is SUPER THICK but chalky.

Try Polly-o ny style. We fly through 45lbs/week.

The best shaved steak Ive used is
1000396-Broad Street Butcher $47.50/cs
It barley reduces, it has the most whole muscle look and mouth feel…meaning it doesn’t turn to mush
The only problem is it isn’t as easy to chop.

The best all around shaved steak that is easy to chop is

Ive never used Steak Eze but they are priced between $65-$75/case
We use 16 cases a week of shaved steak, you should try the ones I mentioned they are fantastic.

Kens dressing I can pretty much get anywhere except I use
Kens Homestyle Ranch 777 and US Foods has it for $20 less per case than Sysco

Also they have best price on Kens chunky blue cheese 865

I’ve only been using US Foods for three months now and so far I love it.

I also use Sysco, PFG, and Colony Foods

Im going to try the polly o. Its intresting that Grande has the best Mozz period, but you have found that their ricotta is not the best and I have found that the parm is not great, both grated and the wheel.

I buy the supreme blue cheese because if I cut in a little square hole in the seal to dispense in the 2 oz cup, the chunky gets clogged.

I like the kens buttermilk Ranch. Its also the one they just drop a pallet down for instead of wasting time to stock on shevels

typing in the Item # does not work in the “search catalog” is there another way

The Grande rep was bashing the Polly-o ricotta, saying the sopprafina is smooth but it isnt. Its grainy…like any ricotta you can buy at the supermarket.

I love Grande for their Mozzarella. I also love their Romano too.

This is the steak that is awesome but a bit too hard to chop for guys

This one is the best overall value for us, easy to chop great price and sells really well

I’ve never had the Polly-O ricotta… I’ve been using mainly the Galbani from RD… how do they compare?

Galbani is just like supermarket ricotta…meaning its grainy.

Polly-0 NY style is the best

The only kind Ive found that is close is the
Bel gio oso Platinum version. But I only use that if they are having issues getting the

For cannoli we use the Polly-O and add our recipe.

For ricotta pizza topping we dump the full container of Polly-O in a bigger bucket then add a bit of water (about 10oz id guess)we do this to thin it out a bit. We mix it up real well. We then put the whipped ricotta in 3 disposable piping bags


We use PFG, but get our steak from Rest Depot. We use Philadelphia’s Finest. $40.89/case this week. I don’t think PFG carries Broad Street Butcher, what is the brand on the #9781364? The steak we use I am sure could be better, we do go through about 5 cases / week of it. Lose about 30% when we cook the whole case at a time.

Don’t use that steak it reduces way too much. I’ve used it in the past years ago and I was never really proud of it.

I am unsure of what the best shaved steaks are from PFG because I get my shaved steak from US FOODS.

PFG has a really good online catalog that I’m sure you can browse through.

The over arcing company I use is called wonder meats… They have multiple offshoots one is called B & M, and then they have one called Broad Street butcher, which I love. But like I said, those are only at US FOODS I’m pretty sure

We sell 16 to 18 cases of shave steak a week it’s a nightmare

No Polly-o in my area. I bought that platnum riccota you suggested, I dont have good taste buds for it, so I just took you word for it. $40 for 4 at RD :upside_down_face:

Cant get those shaved meats in my area either.