Is pizza fusion a threat to our way?

Who has gone up against pizza fusion? What has been the results?

Do you feel that theyare the future or is it a gimmic until organics and being green is everyday knowledge like recycling is now?

What says you?

if the pizza says organic but the taste was below average people wont go there the word organic just an add virtue to their pizza they do have good tasty pizza and that is why they made it so do not let the organic scare you if you have a good tasty pizza

It depends on what you mean by “fusion”. Please do clarify.

I do fusion right now, and see it as a permanent part of the future of my place. One example is our Pizzadilla - pepperoni and mozz/prov in a flour tortilla quesadilla kind of thing.

nicks pizza fusion is a pizza chain in florida

My sister was once bitten by a moose.

Ummmm . . . . I never go to Florida without life-threatening need, and have no clue what a “Nick’s Pizza Fusion” would be . . . I don’t know what pizza fusion is defined as . . . [/b]

lool oh well nick it is called pizza fusion and they claim that they have nothing but organic ingredients in their pizza


What good are deli meats without any nitrates, antibiotics or chemical preservatives ?

I believe that trends towards healthier habits and food products are cyclical, and unfortunately often follow landmark liability litigation $$$ awards.

While the general trend towards safer pesticides and herbicides will continue in my small and humble consideration, I do not see the entire national marketplace clambering for organic foods as they are just not at all the same quality/flavor/texture or as affordable for the majority of the marketplace.

While I think there IS a market for organic healthy pizza, I don’t worry it’ll ever be mainstream. The biggest issue is raw costs of organic ingredients. If the costs are 20-40% more than non-organic, they’ll have to push the higher costs to the consumer, which for most, is not worth it.

In most grocery stores, the organic section is probably less than 10% of the total produce section. Again, I think the costs are what’s keeping many consumers from switching. IMHO.

i don’t think they are the future. sure, they may do some sales, but the organic pizza thing is their niche. they found something that works for them to make the unique. that is what each of us needs to do. ask the question, why should someone buy my product instead of theirs? hopefully you have the answer… now market it.

They have identified and are exploiting their USP!