Is pizza hut going out of business?

My food rep just told me he was at a meeting and herd that pizza hut was going under

i dont believe that

but you never know

Are you sure he wasn’t saying a local one?

yeah, i’m sure it’s the local one.

It looks like their earnings dropped quite a bit in Q4 2008 but I do not think they are in the “poor house” yet…

what gets me is they are advertising everything like crazy $5 off 1cent pizza lasagna man they have to be confusing the customers

It does seem that they must be in trouble,they seem to be coming out with new promotions every other week.

Pizza Hut has been adding menu items to drive sales for years. The cheese in the crust pizza, the pizza on top of another pizza, the pizza that takes up 3 area codes ect ect. Heres a few areas where I think Pizza Huts marketing has gone bad. 12 months ago (before the recession was involved with EVERY headline) they were advertising the heck out of $5 pizza mia pizzas. 12 days ago (after the media has convinced everybody that we are broke) they were advertising the heck out of a $10+ 12 inch all natural pizza. They can’t figure out where they fit in todays market. They advertise the heck out of pastas, even going so far in their ads to change their name to Pasta Hut. I can’t see this being a good decision long term. And here’s the best, some overpaid pepsi exec needs to be fired for this one. I can’t even recognize their signage any longer. It is dominated by Wing Street. In my town, more than 50% of their building signs and car signs advertise Wing Street. When was the last time you saw a Wing Street commercial on TV? Why in the world would you make your signs unrecognizable to promote a brand that most of America has never heard of and you care so little about that you have never run a national advertising campaign to promote the brand? I would LOVE to hear an answer from Yum Brands on that one.

Not Pizza Hut, but theae is a lot of talk about Sbrarros not making it through the year. It has to do with their mall locations and the down turn in mall traffic. One of the first things that they taught us in school is that diversity is the key to survival in both business and the stock market. It looks like they might have put too many eggs into the mall basket. I hate to see any store or chain go under. Hopefully, they will be able to pull themselves out of it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The big guys are in survival mode…The little guys usually do not have enough of a bankroll to just survive…They need to eat too…

When I worked for Sbarros and Villa Pizza, they were both experimenting with free standing units. Villa Pizza was doing alot more with different brands and very nice restaurants. They were more diverse than Sbarros, atleast in my opinion.

Just have to wait and see.