Is the dough doctor in?

We are currently having problems with pizzas sticking to screens. This is confusing us because
A) Our recipe hasn’t changed
B) The screens are over a year old and have been heavily used
C) The pizzas are not being slapped and held on a rack
D) The dough feels and looks the same as always
E) The problem started in the last two weeks
F) Here is the real kicker…even some of the “thin crust” pizzas we buy from our supplier are sticking

By process of elimination that leaves the oven…but the time and temperature haven’t changed there either(360 wide body middleby)

Confused in Colorado

PS Water weight is 14.4 water per 25 # flour

How is the humidity? It is the rainy season here and I can feel the changes in my dough. I googled colorado and humidity and all of the sites I looked at show june/July to be higher in humidity in colorado.

Make sure the person making the skins isn’t putting the screen on a floured surface when putting the dough on the screen. That can cause this issue.

Wet screens?