Is there a Stuffed Crust Dr. in the house?

An employee of mine was off-duty & not near here, so they ventured to the local PizzaHut & got a stuffed crust…So his great idea was - “hey, why don’t we do a Facebook for a stuft Crust?”…so we did…moderate success (schools out) but…

I’ve only seen a previous employee make one, so I emulated that (over stretch, fill, seal) sauce/cheese/etc…

We sealed it w/H2O - comes out with a HUGE crust…

Just looking for other input on methods/etc

From my delivery driving days I remember PH using string cheese for stuffed crust. They cook their pizza in a pan so it is easy to push the cheese into the side of the pan and stretch to dough over it.

I have done it that way but the string cheese price makes it prohibitive to make it a menu item.

There are a few videos on YouTube…I did not view them so I can vouch for the quality of them…

From my days as a cook at PH I can say Pizza hut does use string cheese and I’d say it’s the best way. When we ran out of string cheese attempting to ring it with shredded moz really sucked and make the edges really thick and puffy. You could probably cut cheese sticks from a block and be good but I would avoid shredded cheese at all costs because IMO the final product sucks.
If you don’t use a pan to cook pizzas in your oven I would suggest getting a pan the size you want the pizza to be stuff it in the pan an then transfer it to your peel or whatever you use to finishing dressing the pizza. I’ve never tried to free hand it without the pan but I’m sure you could figure out a way to make it work for your line. I odn’t know what current costs are but the PH’s I worked at charged $1 -2 more for stuffed crust.
IRC there was a “stuffed crust” dough mix but after the initial introduction some of the stores I worked at switched to just using their hand tossed dough. The dough was finished with a garlic butter spray around stuffed edge before cutting.

Stuffing was easy and could easily be done to order if you wanted. stuffing procedure wsa to pull the dough over slightly the lip of the pan and then ring in 4 - 5 pieces of cheese depending on size with about 1/4 - 1/2 inch separation between cheese pieces. then to fold the dough back over the cheese tightly. PH didn’t use water or any other binder; it was just sticking the dough to itself. It mostly stayed shut but there was an occasional blowout.
This video shows how it was done.