Is this a moderated forum?

I see a list of moderators. Is this a moderated forum or not? Can people join up and post insulting things to other members? I realize that a certain amount of pot stirring comes with the territory, but does there comes a point where a member is so regularly rude to other members that they are invited by the mods to leave?

I can honestly say yes to your question, some individuals have been banned. Specifically, to what circumstance are you referring?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

PM sent.


not having a dig but J_rokk (bless him) hasn;t been on here for what - a year, and ADPizzaguy hasn’t posted for months. On other boards I’m on (not all pizza related) topics often get locked but to be honest I haven’t asked for one to be locked as there hasn’t been an obvious/felt moderator presence for quite a while.

I think most of us would appreciate the driver compensation topic being locked down now - if you would be so knid…

Sure Bodegahwy, you can have more moderation… as long as you prove to us that your drivers make at least minimum wage and are compensated at least 58.5 cents per mile.

I keed, I keed!

Seriously, in addition to Mr. Lehman I’ve always thought Nick would be a good choice for a moderator. j_r0kk hasn’t been around in almost a year (and probably won’t ever be again) and ADpizzaguy went 6 months without posting, posted a few times in August, and has disappeared again.

I think the moderators should be people who check in at least once per day and tend to make level-headed posts. I think Nick fits the bill. Let me know if I’m out of line please Nick, or if it isn’t something you want to do. But I’d like to nominate you for moderator if you’re willing to accept.

I second the nomination. Plus he has the most posts of all of us.

Nick and/or bodegahwy would get my vote - and having to new guys would replace the other two guys.

Both Nick and bodegahwy post regularly and are well respected and if bodegahwy’s sale goes through he will have loads of free time time on his hands!!! he might be grateful for something to do!! :lol:

Yeah, what did happen to j_r0kk? He was really regular with the good advice, I always respected his opinion.

I get kinda busy with the construction biz, so I don’t get to chat on here as much as I like, I get out of touch.
did something happen that I missed?

Tom R

I was in Gardner KS a while back and stopped in at a Wheat State Pizza store there (nice operation)…But no one there had any idea where he went…I think he had some troubles when he attempted to open a 2nd location…But he will live on in this board for a long time…He was a very good contributor and his past posts are worth reading…

talking with j_r0kk focused and congealed my vision for my business. He was spirited and compassionate for the industry. What little I do know is that he did run into some challenges when he was working on his second location . . . manager of store 1 was asleep at the wheel for a while, competition swooped in when he was more vulnerable than he thought. I think he may have chosen to leave the store and the industry.

Even the wise and the strong can be vulnerable when least expected. He will very much be remembered. I check his MySpace page every now and again for clues how to reach him.

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a sobering thought that someone who has so much knowledge in the industry can end up in that spot where we fear most. He really took time to help out with anyone’s questions. I’m confident that whatever direction he decided to go, he’ll be back on top soon.

Tom R

“if bodegahwy’s sale goes through he will have loads of free time time on his hands!!!”

One can only hope. Actually, the buyer wants the location so badly that he is buying the business to get it. We will stay rent free through our high season and then close up. Our other location will continue under our ownership (it is for sale though)

At the same time, we are opening a new business next week. Our tenant finish received its inspections yesterday and we start moving is this AM.

Free time? Yeah, right. I will rest when it is time for the long dirt nap.

bump :idea:

Could it not be assumed the registration agreement has been ignored? I beleive that when a group of Think Tank members are accused, without evidence, of not being in compliance with the law they have been slandered. I further contend that the nature of this slander is abusive. I hope the powers that be will exercise their right and close the topics in question and/or ban the offender.


"You agree not to post any abusive, …slanderous, …material "

That pretty much sums it up.

As in the other posts I do go through and try to take out as much spam and insults as possible and it would be great if I had some help. I have asked over and over for a second and third person…but know this moderaters do not have the power to ban someone just censor the chat. There was one point when I would sign on and litteraly spend an hour deleting spam…I never got to read or share I just had to stay ahead of this guy who kept posting websites…so a little help will go ALONG way

Hello to all the members involved in this dicussion I think you may use anti spam to know wheather any kind of posts are spam or not. If you use it it will just terminate the spam content and will make your forum clean and keeps under control to you. If possible plese try it could definetly work.


now that the moderators edited the above post, my original post makes no sense

mine too… but it was funny when it was there